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Very Old nmon and Very Old AIX Questions

OLD Question 1: I have a problem with nmon running on AIX 4.0.3 (or any really old AIX versions)?

OLD Question 2: Can I get the adapters stats from other tools?

OLD Question 3: When I start nmon 9 on a system that it use to run fine I know get an error message?

OLD Question 4: Can you add the monitoring of process priority?

OLD Question 5: nmon on AIX, nmon 9 does not run, please fix?

You can also get really weird effects, if you have messed up LIBPATH.

OLD Question 6: Old nmon version question: nmon and AIX commands do not agree?

OLD Question 7: Old nmon for AIX: Adapter stats and IOADAPT is not saved to the nmon file seems to be missing with AIX 5.1?

OLD Question 8: nmon for AIX will not start on AIX 5.1 due to a libperfstat error?

OLD Question 9: Old nmon version: AIX 5.3 updated but then nmon gives "Illegal instruction(coredump)"

# lslpp -L | grep -i perfstat
  bos.perf.libperfstat    C     F    Performance Statistics Library
  bos.perf.perfstat    C     F    Performance Statistics

OLD Question 10: Old AIX version: AIX 5.3 updated but then nmon gives "Assert Failure"

  1. Check the software levels, see Question 53
  2. Do you think that you rebooted after the upgrade or do you know for absolutely sure!!
  3. Try: export NMON_IGNORE_ASSERT=1 and then start nmon from this same ksh. This may work around the problem as nmon bravely tries to carry on even with library errors.
  4. Try the latest beta version of nmon (if it supports your AIX level).
  5. I know rebooting can be a problem with production systems but it fixes this the vast majority of the time.
  6. If still its a problem, let us know via the usual AIX Performance Tools Forum.

OLD Question 11: Old AIX version:On AIX 5.3 ML6, nmon output files contain zeros, missing CPU stats, corrupt ZZZ lines and "nfs" strings found in the stats?

  1. Do not include NFS statistics (remove the -N)
  2. Move to nmon12 that codes around these bugs.

OLD Question 12: Old AIX version: Why is the Process memory percentage zero? (same for System and User percent)

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