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topaschart - webpage graphs from topas data

topaschart is a Korn shell script for AIX or Linux to convert topas/topasrec collected files to a
webpage (.html) including Google Chart and JavaScript to display the top 27+ AIX and Linux
Performance Graphs and configuration details

Unfortunately, even if the topas output claims to be nmon like format it is NOT nmon format or anything like it: data format wrong, memory starts very different, network KB/s and packets data merged together etc.

I took the current v22 nmonchart and hacked it for a whole day to get it working with all the various format mistakes.


  • topaschart <nmon-file> <output-file>

For example:

  • topaschart blue_150508_0800.topas,csv blue_150508_0800.html

or you could put the .html straight on to your website (assuming Apache is using /var/www/html)

  • topaschart blue_150508_0800.topas.csv /var/www/html/blue_150508_0800.html

Here is a simple small sample file so you can see what the graphs look like: sampleX_151030.html


Download FileComments
topaschart_v7.tarCurrent version 7 - 1st July 2016
1) Include fixes to work around topasout a bug - some versions don't collect JFS stats
2) Paging stats fixed - wrong columns from VIRTMEM section taken as PAGING numbers
- thanks to Alexander Paul (IBM) for finding this one.
Note: the ksh script line 5 claims it is version 5 but it is actually version 7
topaschart_v7.zipSame content as above but a ZIP file
Older versionOlder version
topaschart5.tar8th June 2016
Include fixes to work around topasout bugs
Thanks to Geert Oost IBM Netherlands for finding and working the fix
Improved script help output
topaschart5.zipSame content as above but a ZIP file

Output file size

Also note nmonchart output files are typically much smaller than the original nmon file. Something like 20% of the size. This is unlike the nmon Analyser file output which can typically be twice the size.


Summary of the graphs

    PHYSICAL_CPU - PhysicalCPU, VirtualCPU and entitlement (AIX only LPAR stats))
    POOLIDLE - If switched on at the LPAR level PoolIdle and Pool CPU count (AIX only
    CPU_UTILisation - User%, System%, Wait% and Idle%
    CPU_USE - Logical CPU Core Use (Power SMT or x86 Hyperthreads) Average(User%+System%)
    RUNQ - Run Queue in number of processes
    PSWITCH - Process Switches as the kernel rns different programs
    SYSCALL - Systems calls of processes requesting Kernel operations - Total and read, write calls
    READWRITE - Read and Write System calls only
    FORKEXEC - Systems call fork (duplicate a process) and exec (overwrite current process with a new program)
    FILEIO - System call - number of bytes on the read + write system call - includes disks, networt sockets and pipes
    REALMEM - Total RAM (MB) and Free RAM (MB) (AIX only)
    REALMEMUSE - Virtual memory (paging space) Total and Free 
    PAGING - Paging space: pages in (pgin) and out (pgout) plus Filesystem paging: in (pgsin) and out (psout)
    SWAPIN - Process swap back in to memory per second

    NET - Network throughput read and write for each network in KByes per second
    NETPACKET - Numbers of read and write packets per second for each network

    DISKBUSY - Disk busy percentage for each disk - Stacked lines
    DISKBUSYu - Disk busy percentage for each disk - Unstacked lines
    DISKREAD - Disk read throughput in KBytes per second for each disk - Stacked lines
    DISKREADu - Disk read throughput in KBytes per second for each disk - Unstacked lines
    DISKWRITE - Disk write throughput in KBytes per second for each disk - Stacked lines
    DISKWRITEu - Disk write throughput in KBytes per second for each disk - Unstacked lines
    DISKBSIZE - Disk block sizes
    DISKSERV - Disk Service times in milliseconds
    DISKWAIT - Disk Wait times in milliseconds
    JFS - Journaled Filesystem Percent Full
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Page last modified on September 12, 2017, at 09:02 PM