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nmon for Linux Screen Shots

On this webpage you can find

  1. Screen shots of using nmon for Linux online
  2. Sample graphs from the nmon Analyser after it generated them from nmon for Linux capture to a file
  3. Also see the nmonchart link on the left hand menu for more graphs using that tool
  4. Some other screen shots from a older nmon for Linux version

New for nmon for Linux 16g

New features in the latest nmon for Linux 16f

New features in the latest nmon for Linux 16e

New features in the latest nmon for Linux 16b

nmon for Linux Online screen shots

This is the start up screen when using nmon online

This is the Help section

Resources section

POWER LPAR details

CPU Stats - Utilisation

CPU Long Term Graph

CPU Wide or concise View

CPU cores with variable MHz

Memory Stats

Virtual Memory Stats

Disk Graphs

Disk Stats by more numbers

Disk Rain Diagram

File Systems

Network Stats

Network Stats - without error numbers

Network File System (NFS)

Kernel Stats

Top Process Stats

Top Processes in mode 3 = User Commands

Top Processes in mode 1 = more details

Top Processes in mode 4 = size order

Top Processes in mode 5 = I/O order

Graphical CPU Accelerator stats

Examples of nmonchart graphs

Sample Graphs from the nmon Analyser

CPU with Disk I/O to show the relationship between them

Individual CPU use on this 6 CPU Logical partition

CPU compared with Shared CPU Entitlement (Power Systems only)

Disk read and Write with IO/second

Hot Disks in order with Average, Weighted Average (average when in use) and Peak values

Free Memory

Network Read (top) and Write (bottom) - Iceberg view

Top Processes - in this case DB2

Run Queue

Process switches - kernel switching to a new process

CPU Utilisation

Pivot table covering Top Processes over time

Older nmon version Screen Shots

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