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January 03, 2016, at 09:23 PM by -
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[++nmon Version 11b for Linux Screen Shots+++]

!nmon for Linux Online screen shots (slightly older version)
'''This is the start up screen'''

'''Hit c then m then n and you get the CPU memory and Network statistics as below'''

'''Hit j then d and you get the Journalling file systems and Disks statistics (hitting D brings up further disk statistics)'''

'''On the Power platform hit p and you get the logical partition (LPAR) statistics'''

'''Hit r and you get the Resources - as many details as we can find about the operating systems and processor(s)'''

'''Hit t and you get Top Processes then hitting 1,2 or 3 brings up other details of the processes'''
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Page last modified on January 03, 2016, at 09:23 PM