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nmon2json - reformat you nmon files to JSON format

nmon2json is a Korn shell script for AIX or Linux to convert nmon collected files to JSON
- which is Python friendly and accepted by online performance tools like Splunk and ELK(logstash)

It is ~450 lines of fairly simple Ksh script so please fix bugs or add functions and let me know the changes.




For example of generated JSON data:

Possible "to do" projects:


Download FileComments
nmon2json_python_example_code_v26.pyPython v3 example program of reading the nmon2json output files &
extracting the data - to get you started.
Assumes some Python & you can edit to suite your files.
The code near the end covers both single & multiple level formats.
nmon2json_v26.tarVersion 26 - 14th Dec 2017
includes sample input & output files
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