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nmon for Linux Download Pre-Compiled Binaries

  • Note: To download the nmon source code go to "Compiling nmon + Source Code" on the left hand menu.

Instructions for getting a working binary copy of nmon for Linux:

  1. Select the right platform, Linux Distribution and version and then download the matching file.
  2. If the file ends with a .zip then use unzip to extract the files.
  3. Make sure after using FTP that the file(s) has execute permission for your user.
  4. Find the right enclosed binary file and start it. The file name should be fairly obvious like the Power SUSE SLES 11 file in "nmon_power_sles11"

Current Version 16e

  • Released 7th April 2016 - at the Sourceforge nmon for Linux project
  • Binaries for ARM, POWER and x86_64 (AMD64) are below - mainframe might take a while
  • If you need a specific platform Linux Distribution + version that is not here then please go to the left hand menu: Compiling nmon + Source Code and compiling it yourself.

Previous Version 16d

  • Released 15th January 2016

The older release (version 15 or earlier) - I strongly encourage you to use version 16d or 16e.

  • The older the versions the more bugs and possibly misleading stats.
  • Unless you need older Linux Distribution binaries.
  • If what you need is not available on your platform, then I recommend you download and compile it yourself.
    • See Compiling nmon on the left menu. It is very simple with one makefile and one source file.

Please do not install version 14 but start or move to version 16

  • Only use these versions if you have very old Linux releases and version 15 can't be run.

nmon for Linux 16e from 7th April 2016. See Compiling webpage for new features
Download File Platform Filename_platform_LinuxDistribution and comments
nmon16e_mpginc.tar.gz 3.5MB Mixed POWER and x86
From our friends at
Gzipped tar file of many versions compiled by Midrange Performance Group including older Linux, free Linux plus 64 bit and some 32 bit machines
nmon_power_32_rhel6 nmon_power_32_sles11 nmon_power_64le_fedora22 nmon_power_64le_rhel6 nmon_power_64le_rhel7 nmon_power_64le_ubuntu14 nmon_power_64le_ubuntu15 nmon_power_64le_ubuntu16 nmon_power_64_kvm2 nmon_power_64_rhel6 nmon_power_64_rhel7 nmon_power_64_sles11

nmon_x86_64_centos6 nmon_x86_64_centos7 nmon_x86_64_opensuse11 nmon_x86_64_opensuse12 nmon_x86_64_rhel6 nmon_x86_64_rhel7 nmon_x86_64_sles11 nmon_x86_64_sles12 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu15

nmon16e_mr_nmon.tar.gz 2.5MB Mixed POWER and x86
From Nigel Griffiths a tarball collection of all the individual binaries below
Gzipped tar file of current Linux 64 bit machines
nmon16e_power_sles113 nmon16e_power_sles12 nmon16e_power_ubuntu14 nmon16e_power_rhel70BE nmon16e_power_rhel71LE nmon16e_power_rhel65 nmon16e_power_powerkvm31
nmon16e_x86_ubuntu1510 nmon16e_x86_sles12 nmon16e_x86_sles113 nmon16e_x86_rhel72 nmon16e_x86_rhel71 nmon16e_x86_rhel65
nmon16e_power_powerkvm31 449KB POWER Little Endian nmon 16e complied for IBM PowerKVM 3.1 and above
nmon16e_power_ubuntu14 538KB POWER Little Endian nmon 16e complied for Canonical Ubuntu 14.04 and above like 14.10, 15.04, 15.10
nmon16e_power_sles113 409KB POWER Big Endian nmon 16e complied for SUSE SLES 11.3 and above like 11.4
nmon16e_power_sles12 437KB POWER Little Endian nmon 16e complied for SUSE SLES 12.0 and above
nmon16e_power_rhel65 449KB POWER Big Endian nmon 16e complied for Red Hat RHEL 6.5 or above like 6.6 to 6.9
nmon16e_power_rhel71LE 449KB POWER Little Endian nmon 16e complied for Red Hat RHEL 7.1 LE or above like 7.2
nmon16e_power_rhel70BE 450KB POWER Big Endian nmon 16e complied for Red Hat RHEL 7.0 BE or above like 7.1 and 7.2
nmon16e_x86_sles113 338KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for SUSE SLES 11.3 and above like 11.4
nmon16e_x86_sles12 386KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for SUSE SLES 12 and above like 12.1
nmon16e_x86_ubuntu140404 453KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for ubuntu14.04.04 and above like 14.04.xx + 14.10xx and 16.04+
nmon16e_x86_ubuntu1510 471KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for ubuntu15.10 and above like 15.10.xx and 16.04 +
nmon16e_x86_rhel65 340KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for Red Hat 6.5 and above like 6.6
nmon16e_x86_rhel71 383KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for Red Hat 7.1
nmon16e_x86_rhel72 393KB x86 64 bit nmon 16e complied for Red Hat 7.2 and above like 7.3
nmon16e_arm_ubuntu1510 375KB ARM Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 nmon 16e complied for Raspberry Pi 2 Ubuntu 1510 Mate
nmon for Linux 16d
Download File Platform Filename, platform and Linux Distribution
nmon16d_powerkvm31 430KB POWER8 nmon 16d complied for PowerKVM 3.1 - this file is the binary just copy it to /usr/local/bin/nmon and enjoy
nmon16d_power_rhel72LE_gpu 450KB POWER8 nmon 16d complied for S822LC with NVIDIA GPU support enabled
- this file is the binary just copy it to /usr/local/bin/nmon and enjoy
nmon16d_x86.tar.gz 9MB x86 & x86_64
From our friends at
67 different Linux flavours of nmon version 16d compiled for Intel and AMD both 32 bit and 64 bit including
nmon_power_32_linux nmon_power_32_rhel6 nmon_power_32_sles11 nmon_power_64_kvm2 nmon_power_64_linux nmon_power_64_rhel6 nmon_power_64_rhel7 nmon_power_64_sles11 nmon_power_64le_fedora22 nmon_power_64le_linux nmon_power_64le_rhel7 nmon_power_64le_ubuntu14 nmon_power_64le_ubuntu15 nmon_power_64le_ubuntu16 nmon_x86_64_centos6 nmon_x86_64_centos7 nmon_x86_64_debian6 nmon_x86_64_debian8 nmon_x86_64_fedora17 nmon_x86_64_fedora20 nmon_x86_64_fedora21 nmon_x86_64_linux nmon_x86_64_mint16 nmon_x86_64_mint17 nmon_x86_64_opensuse13 nmon_x86_64_rhel6 nmon_x86_64_rhel7 nmon_x86_64_sles13 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu13 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu15 nmon_x86_centos6 nmon_x86_debian5 nmon_x86_debian6 nmon_x86_debian7 nmon_x86_debian8 nmon_x86_fedora17 nmon_x86_fedora18 nmon_x86_fedora19 nmon_x86_fedora20 nmon_x86_fedora21 nmon_x86_fedora22 nmon_x86_knoppix5 nmon_x86_knoppix6 nmon_x86_knoppix7 nmon_x86_linux nmon_x86_macpuppy nmon_x86_mint16 nmon_x86_mint17 nmon_x86_mint7 nmon_x86_mint8 nmon_x86_opensuse12 nmon_x86_opensuse13 nmon_x86_peppermint4 nmon_x86_precisepuppy nmon_x86_puppy_GNU_2.0.0 nmon_x86_puppy_GNU_2.6.15 nmon_x86_puppy_GNU_2.6.24 nmon_x86_rhel6 nmon_x86_sles12 nmon_x86_sles13 nmon_x86_tahrpuppy nmon_x86_ubuntu10 nmon_x86_ubuntu13 nmon_x86_ubuntu15 nmon_x86_ubuntu8 nmon_x86_ubuntu9 nmon_x86_zorin6
8th February 2016
nmon16d_mainframe.tar.gz 300KB Mainframe nmon 16d compiled for mainframe Big Endian:RHEL 7.1 nmon16d_mainframe_rhel7, SLES 11.2 nmon_mainframe_sles112
25th January 2016
nmon16c_POWER.tar.gz 2MB POWER
From our friends at
nmon 16c compiled for POWER including
Big Endian:RHEL 6, RHEL 7, SLES 11, PowerKVM 2
Little Endian: RHEL 7, SLES 12, Fedora 22, Ubuntu 14, 15 and 16 beta

25th January 2016
nmon16b_arm.tar.gz 291KB ARM V7 Raspberry Pi 2 Latest 16b for Raspberry Pi - include -D X86 for some OS version text on the welcome screen
File names are: Ubuntu 15.10 mate: nmon16b_arm_ubuntu1510 and Raspian: nmon16b_arm_raspian
11th January 2016
nmon16a.tar.gz 1.2 MB Mostly Power Latest 16a for Power
POWER: nmon_power_rhel65 nmon_power_rhel70 nmon_power_sles113 nmon_power_sles12 nmon_power_ubuntu140403 nmon_power_ubuntu1504
POWER with GPU support (S822LC with NVidia Graphics adapter(s)) nmon_power_ubuntu140403_gpu
AMD/Intel: nmon_x86_ubuntu1504
1st January 2016

nmon for Linux Older version - Not recommended
The below older version are no longer recommended due to bugs now fixed or the stats are incorrect.
Only use these if you can't find a version 16 above to match your Distro & version AND you can't recompile a version 16.
Download File Platform Filename, platform and Linux Distribution
nmon15h_mainframe_sles112 400KB IBM/S390 nmon 15h compiled to SLES 11.2 on IBM Mainframe
CPU is 32 & 64 bit and Big Endian - Now you know!
Included above on the splash screen and got nmon -g auto working
Note: lsblk and lscpu and /proc/cpuinfo all slightly different.
nmon15g_power.tar.gz 1MB Power Latest 15g for Power
Ubuntu Canonical : nmon_power_ubuntu1410 nmon_power_ubuntu1504
Red Hat RHEL ; nmon_power_rhel71LE nmon_power_rhel71BE
SUSE SLES : nmon_power_sles113 nmon_power_sles12
nmon15e_mpginc.tar.gz 7MB Power, x86_64 & x86
From our friends at MPG we have 53 compiled versions mostly the last two releases of:
- Power: SUSE SLES, Red Hat RHEL
- x86_64: Centos, Debian, Fedora, Mint, openSUSE, RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu
- x86: Centos, Debian, Fedora, Knoppix, Mint, openSUSE, puppy, RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu
nmon15d_power.tar.gz Power Mr_nmon compiled for SLES 11.3, SLES 12, Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu 14.10, RHEL6.5, RHEL7.1 - include CPU Steal stats
centos7.tar.gz x86_64 MPG supplied compiled on Centos 7
mint17.tar.gz x86_64 MPG supplied compiled on Mint 17
nmon_linux_14i_newer_Linux_versions.tar.gz x86 & x86_64 & POWER
Thanks again to our friends at Midrange Performance Group
who have come through again & compiled nmon for Linux 14i
nmon 14i for 16 different combinations of Linux
including Centos, Debian, Fedora, Mint,
POWER: RHEL6 & 7, SLES 10 & 11, Ubuntu le,
x86 x86_64: Fedora20, x86 Mint and x86 OpenSUSE
and nmonmerge
nmon_linux_14i.tar.gz x86 & x86_64 Thanks again to our friends at Midrange Performance Group
nmon 14i for 44 different x86 & x86_64 of Linux
including Centos, Debian, Fedora, Mint,
OpenSUSE, RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu, Zorin and others
and 8 compiles of nmonmerge
nmon_14i_power_sles112 POWER nmon 14i for POWER SLES 11.2
nmon_14i_x86_ubuntu134 x86_64 nmon 14i for x86 64 bit Ubuntu 13.4 ARM v11 nmon 14g Debian 6 "squeeze" for ARM on Raspberry Pi
nmon_linux_14g.tar.gz Sizes 3.9 MB

- includes all 43 binaries.
New Versions
nmon_linux_more_14g.tar.gz Sizes 2.1 MB

Itanium, x86 &x86_64 (Intel and AMD), Power & mainframe Thanks to our friends at Midrange Performance Group
who have come through again & compiled nmon for Linux 14g on many Linux distributions & versions,
we now have 65 combinations available.
Or download individually:
New versions
nmon_x86_fedoracore4 nmon_x86_rhel52 nmon_x86_64_rhel45 nmon_x86_knoppix6 nmon_x86_knoppix5 nmon_x86_knoppix4 nmon_x86_ubuntu1104 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu1104 nmon_x86_debian60 nmon_x86_64_debian60 nmon_x86_centos6 nmon_x86_64_centos6 nmon_power_64_rhel62 nmon_power_64_rhel6 nmon_x86_64_mint12 nmon_x86_fedora16 nmon_x86_64_fedora16 nmon_x86_mint12 nmon_x86_rhel6 nmon_x86_64_rhel6 nmon_mainframe_64_rhel4 nmon_mainframe_32_rhel4
Older versions
nmon_ia64_rhel4 nmon_ia64_sles10 nmon_linux_ia64 nmon_linux_mainframe_32 nmon_linux_mainframe_64 nmon_linux_power_32 nmon_linux_power_64 nmon_linux_x86 nmon_linux_x86_64 nmon_mainframe_32_rhel5 nmon_mainframe_32_rhel52 nmon_mainframe_32_rhel53 nmon_mainframe_32_rhel55 nmon_mainframe_64_rhel5 nmon_mainframe_64_rhel52 nmon_mainframe_64_rhel53 nmon_mainframe_64_rhel55 nmon_power_32_rhel5 nmon_power_32_sles11 nmon_power_32_ubuntu1004 nmon_power_64_rhel5 nmon_power_64_sles11 nmon_x86_64_debian50 nmon_x86_64_fedora14 nmon_x86_64_fedora15 nmon_x86_64_opensuse11 nmon_x86_64_rhel4 nmon_x86_64_rhel5 nmon_x86_64_rhel54 nmon_x86_64_sles11 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu1004 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu810 nmon_x86_64_ubuntu910 nmon_x86_debian50 nmon_x86_fedora14 nmon_x86_fedora15 nmon_x86_opensuse11 nmon_x86_rhel5 nmon_x86_rhel54 nmon_x86_sles11 nmon_x86_ubuntu1004 nmon_x86_ubuntu810 nmon_x86_ubuntu910 102 KB Power nmon for Linux 14g compiled for Power SUSE Linux Enterprise SLES 11.1 gcc4 - 104 KB Power nmon for Linux 14g compiled for Power Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 gcc4

Notes on 64 bit Intel/AMD:

  • nmon for Linux can be compiled 64 bit but it is largely pointless as nmon does not use 64 bit features like using more then 2 GB of RAM.
  • If you have 64 bit processors and you are running a 64 bit Linux then you can still run the 32 bit nmon for Linux but only if you have the 32 bit compatibility Linux libraries installed. For a single server, this is a "no brainer" install from the Linux install media.
  • Some users have thousands of machines like a High Performance cluster and would rather avoid installing the 32 bit compatibility libraries on all nodes.

Notes on exact version match:

  • If you can't find the exactly Linux version you want then try the near it in technology like Kernel release or code stream.
  • The only reason it is complied for different versions of Linux is slight differences in the Libc library - this can cause nmon to refuse to start.
  • Also note the Open SUSE and SLES are closely related and so too is Fedora and Red Hat are related - so you might find one of these works too.
  • Now a quick test of the closest match. Start it online and have a quick look at the CPU, memory, disk and top processes. Any problems should be obvious but make sure you are running some workloads as a screen of zeros does not prove much. I uses: yes >/dev/null - to generate some work.
  • Also worth checking is that data is save to a file OK and run the data through your nmon file analyser to double check the format is OK.
  • If there are problems you need to recompile nmon for you precise Linux version. As nmon is a single file this is not hard.
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